FAQ about the Bio Locaux winter basket program

This section propose detailed information about the different aspects of the winter organic basket program. It was built based on the most frequently asked question (FAQ) from last season and you can expect to find the answer of your question within the next lines in most cases.

However, if you still miss a piece of information after consulting this useful tool, please write us at info@biolocaux.coop.

Subscription process

The online subscription process to our winter basket program is simple and quick. You are a member as soon as you complete this process and a first payment is due immediately. For more information about the payment options please visit the ‘Invoice and payment/s’ section.

The email address used to complete the subscription process is your access key to the different features of our management tools such as your invoice, your calendar and your profile.

What does my subscription includes?

The winter basket program includes 12 organic vegetable and fruits basket deliveries every 2 weeks from mid-Novembre to early May following a specific schedule (metre lien vers calendrier de livraison) depending on your pick up location (Week A or week B). It is an engagement between the Bio Locaux and the member under terms that are described in the following agreement.

Subscription cancellation

The member understands that the baskets are pre-paid. Upon registration, the member commits to his full payment following the terms chosen (one full payment or 3 installed payments), which includes a non-refundable deposit of 25$. If a member wants to cancel its subscription, a 25$ + the value of all the baskets that were deliver so far will be charged to the member.

Options on additional organic products

During the subscription process, options in addition to the basic vegetable and fruit basket program will be offered to give you access to additional organic products.

Organic bread made from local ingredients from la Boulangerie DesRosiers

A Moulin des Cèdres package including organic wheat flour, oat flakes and sunflower seed oil.

Click here to get more information about our options.

Organic meat products will be offered during the season at specific dates and in a limited number of pick up locations because they will be delivered directly by the farmers. You will be invited by email to purchase these items on our online store when available. We will have limited supply so we will take the orders on a first come first served basis until we’re out of stock. Click here to get more information about our organic meat products and producers.

Changes to your original subscription

Once the subscription process is over, the member cannot modify the basic selections that were originally made including the basket size, the payment options, etc. If you want to make a permanent change on these features, please send us an email at info@biolocaux.coop and make sure to mention your full name, client or invoice # and a detailed description of the change you want to make. We will apply the modification and send you a confirmation message. For any temporary change of your pick up location, please visit the ‘Calendar’ section.

List of organic products included in the winter baskets

The winter baskets of the Bio Locaux are assembled with the production of 18 vegetables and fruits producers. This is why we can offer a large diversity of root, storage s, some greenhouse and cold tunnels vegetables such as differents types of greens and tomato. We have also apples and apple juice when possible.  In the Winter basket main information page, you will find exemples of basket content at different moment of the season.

We have introduced new lines of products this winter including organic bread, flour, sunflower seed oil and meats. To get all the information about these additional products and how to order them please visit the Winter basket information page.

List of my basket content

The full and complete list of the basket content will be posted in our newsletter published on Monday of Week A of each delivery and posted on our website. A link to this newletter will be accessible from the automatic message to remind you of an upcoming delivery. The actual content of the basket can change any time and may differ from the list on the newsletter. It is best to consider your basket as a surprise each delivery!

Inter person bank transfer (Desjardins members only)

Inter person bank transfer offered between Desjardins account owners is a simple and quick way to make a payment for your subscription. Make sure not to make an INTERAC transfer because we own a business account and it won’t go through. We advise you to preprogram your installed payments as described in your invoice right after your subscription so you won’t have to worry about it during the season.

The step-by-step procedure for the inter person bank transfer is described on your invoice. You can also pay by cheque/s (go to the next section Pay by check).

Payment by check/s

The second option to pay for your subscription is by check/s. You will find the details about the due dates and amounts on your invoice. Make sure to write your invoice # on the check and to postdate them according to your invoice. We advise you to send all the checks at the same time (including the 2 postdated checks) so you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the season. However, we will be charging fees for NSF checks so make sure you receive our reminder via email (you receive them by default).

Non-sufficient funds check

The CAPÉ will charge a fee of 15$ for a non-sufficient funds check. We advise you to allow the automatic messages sent by our management tools to notify you of an upcoming due date to make sure you have sufficient funds. We normally deposit check about a week after a due date.

If you require an alternative to these methods of payment, please contact us at info@biolocaux.coop

To move a delivery on your calendar :

You can move a delivery on your calendar on your own! If you have an upcoming vacation or you know in advance (at the latest on Monday on the preceding delivery week) that you won’t be able to pick up your basket, you can move a delivery to another week and get 2 baskets. *Important note* We have a maximum capacity for each pick up location and when it is reached on a specific location at a specific date, it is blocked. So, we advice that you make your changes as soon as possible.

Deadline to make a change to your calendar:

It is mandatory that you make your changes on the latest before Monday at midnight the week preceeding your delivery week. For exemple: If you have a delivery on Tuesday Nomvember 15th, you have to make your change before midnight on Monday, November 7th.

How to do it right!

To move a delivery, you have to go to your calendar. A tutorial is available to help you out in the Instruction section. We have many pick up location so make sure you identify the proper letter code for the pick up location you want to choose. The legend is located on the right of the calendar.


You will find all the information about our pick up locations on the map locates on our Homepage. By clicking on the shopping cart icon representing the pick up location of your choice, you will be able to find its address, delivery day and pick up schedule

The Bio Locaux is a collective of organic farmers, all members of the Coopérative pour l’agriculture de proximité écologique (CAPÉ), a small organization with a handful of devoted employees. We are very efficient in communicating via email with our members and we aim to maintain a response time of 1 business day. You can find us at info@biolocaux.coop. We have a phone line in Quebec city and it is mainly used for other service of the CAPE. The response time that you can expect by phone is about 3 business days and it is not the most efficient way to reach our Bio Locaux ground team.

Delivery delays

Delays in the delivery routes is a reality in the winter season. We will try our best to prevent it but it might occur. In the case of a delay in our delivery route, we will try, if possible, to send an email to all the members concerned as soon as possible. We ask for your patience and collaboration as winter transportation in Montreal is a challenge!