Winter baskets


This winter, try a winter basket of organic and local vegetables, from Bio Locaux !


How to order?

At the bottom of the page, first choose the delivery point where you would like to pick up your basket. Once the format of your basket is chosen, you can choose between a 2-week subscription (regular subscription) or a trial basket. Then follow the instructions to finalize the order! It’s simple! Welcome!

Do you have any questions? Write us:


Our winter basket program will provide you with organic vegetables and fruits throughout the winter season!

  • More diversity !

We are introducing an additional product line from other members of the CAPÉ. You will have the opportunity to get organic bread, flour, sunflower seed oil and oatmeal at you pick up location. Moreover, meat product from different farmers will be available during the season at specific locations. All the information for the meat product purchase will be sent by email and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned ! For more information, visit our ‘Additional Products’ section.

  • Larger geographic zone coverage!

New pick up locations are available this year in different areas of Montreal and on the South Shore.

  • More flexibility !

An exchange basket will be available for each delivery allowing each member to exchange an item of his/her choice. We will experiment on 3 pick up locations a mini market type of pick up which allows more choice.

It’s Organic!

Becoming a member means getting access to fresh organic and local products while acting positively on the environment, the local economy and your health ! Our program is certified organic by Ecocert Canada and each producer is also certified organic by a certification agency (Ecocert Canada or Quebec-Vrai).

Your family farmers are not only producing locally; they are marketing collectively!

Becoming a member means participating actively to encourage small scale diversified organic farming to spread, prosper and innovate. Moreover, by encouraging the Bio Locaux, you enhance an economic model bases on cooperative values such as democracy, collaboration and sharing.

It’s simple and fun

  • Subscribing is quick and easy.
  • Collecting your by-weekly basket is fun.
  • There is over 30 pick up locations to choose from.
  • Managing your own delivery calendar gives you flexibility in case of vacation or planned unavailability.
  • The Subscriber’s Zone gives you all the relevant information throughout the season.
  • A line of additional organic products will give you access to more staple organic food at your pick up location.

In this section, you will get all the information about the operation of our winter basket program.


Subscribing is quick and easy. Once you read the information and are ready to subscribe, you start by selecting your pick up location at the bottom of this page. The deliveries are from Monday to Thursday depending on the pick up location chosen. To visualize the address, day and hours of a specific pick up location, you simply have to put the mouse cursor on the name of a location. Access the pick up locations map here.

During the subscription process, you will be offered different options for purchasing additional products such as bread, flour and sunflower seed oil to pick up at the same time as your vegetables and fruits basket. All the information about these products can be found in the ‘Additional organic products’ section. Organic meat products will also be offered during the season on our online store aside from the registration process. All the information will be sent via email to our subscribers or be posted on our web site.


Here is how we operate to provide you with a large selection of organic products during the winter season:

IMG_20151214_134739 - CopieThe organic baskets are assembled and delivered by our dynamic staff and helped by numerous volunteers (among which are many of the farmers involved in the Bio Locaux). We operate in the building of Moisson Montreal. We are currently looking for volunteers who are willing to help for the season or occasionally. If you are interested, please write us an email at

The basket content is planned following the product availability from our 18 vegetables and fruits producers in order to ensure diversity. Theses products are:

  • Organically grown which means no synthetics pesticides or fertilizers were used to grow them;
  • Sourced directly from the producer;
  • High quality;
  • In appropriate quantity for the basket size chosen;
  • At a competitive price.

Delivery Calendar

The program imcludes 12 organic baskets delivered every 2 weeks from mid-November to early May.

Week A and Week B

We have 2 different schedules and our 32 pick up location have each been assigned to either WeekA or Week B in order to deliver half of the baskets each delivery week (approximately 1000 baskets per week). Make sure to check on the calendar on wich schedule your pick up location is assigned (the letter A or B besides the name of the pick up location indicates the schedule). Click here to access the Calendrier semaine A&B.

Collecting your basket

  • Frequency : The subscription is an engagement to pick up your basket every 2 weeks, on a specific day and hours depending on your pick up location. You can always name a person to get the basket in your place and you don’t need to notify us. If you plan, in advance, to be away or won’t be available to pick up your basket, you have the opportunity to change your delivery calendar on your own. To learn how to do it, please visit the next section titled ‘Changing your schedule’.
  • Box : You need to bring your grocery bags at each pick up because our boxes must stay at the pick up location at all time.
  • Flexibility : An exchange basket will allow you to change an item from your box that you fancy less. A limit of 1 exchange is allowed for each subscriber.
  • Cleanliness : It is a collective duty to keep the pick up location clean and in order. Make sure you contribute to clean and stack your empty box.
  • Communication : An automatic message will be sent to all subscriber in order to avoid forgotten baskets. A newletter called ‘Feuille de chou’, will be prepared and available online for each delivery giving useful information about the products, the farmers and our pick up locations. We have a new FAQ section if you have any question about our program. If you don’t find the answer to your question online, write us a message at

Changing a scheduled delivery ?

  • If you plan to go away on vacation or won’t be able to come and get your basket and you are not able to find a person to get it for you, you can change your schedule to postpone a delivery and double an upcoming delivery.  There is an important deadline to follow. You can make a change until 11pm on the day preceding one week before the delivery.
  • Access our FAQ, to get more information about changing your schedule.
  • At all times, you can name another person to collect your basket and you don’t have to notify us.
  • Any basket that is not claimed during the regular hours is lost to the subscriber and will be given to the organization where the pick up is located. These oragnizations will not accommodate requests of keeping a basket later than the regular hours. Thanks for your collaboration.

Bio Locaux offer 2 different basket size : small and large. As a general rule, we recommend the small basket for households of 1 to 3 person and the large one for 3 and over, depending on you need in vegetables and fruits. In order to help you choosing the right basket size, examples of baskets are available in the ‘List of organic products offered’.

exemple paniers_en

The seasonality in a Northern climate like ours put constraints on the diversity of organic and fresh local vegetable you can expect in your basket. At the beginning and the end of the season, you will find more diversity than in the middle of winter because leaf vegetables are growing in cold tunnel and greenhouses. We do not provide many greenhouse vegetables because none of our producers has chosen this type of production so far and generally it is not sustainable (extensive use of fossil fuels).

Hence, the value of the 3 first and 3 lasts baskets is higher than the value of the baskets in between. It is important to manage your expectations accordingly to avoid disappointment in February! The average cost of a basket is shown in the table below:

Small basket
Large basket
Basket cost per delivery 25 $ 40 $
Number of deliveries 12 12
Équiterre fee* 18$ 18$
Total cost 318 $ 498 $

If you register after the first delivery, the average value changes and will adjust according to the date of the first delivery.

* This fee will not make you a member of Equiterre. It is a contribution to the Family farmers network. To get more information about Equiterre, visit the website.

Delicious vegetables and fruit await you this winter in order to help you cook nice food to keep you warm! You will get staples such as carrots, garlic, potatoes and apples, but you will get a larger diversity of roots and leaf vegetables as well. Visit the ‘Basket Prices’ to learn more about the seasonality of food production in our climate and the changing basket value throughout the delivery season based on an average value of 25 $ per delivery for a small basket and 40 $ per delivery for a large basket.

Here is an exhaustive list of what you can expect to find in your basket this winter :

Garlic, beet, bok choi, carrot, celeriac, napa cabbage, green and red cabbage, Brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, squash, French shallot, spinach, sprouts, lettuce, lettuce mix, kale, rutabaga, onion, parsnip, potato, leek, apples, radishes, Jerusalem artichoke turnip and apple juice.


November to January
February to March
SMALL 26 $ LARGE 43 $ SMALL 24 $ LARGE 38 $
  • 300g of garlic
  • 2lb of carrot
  • 1 kohlrabi (small)
  • 1 spaghetti squash (small)
  • 2lb red onion
  • 2lb turnip
  • 1lb greenhouse tomato
  • 450g of garlic
  • 5lb of carrot
  • 1 kohlrabi (large)
  • 1 spaghetti squash (big)
  • 4 lb red onion
  • 100g sprouts
  • 2 lb turnip
  • 2 lb greenhouse tomato
  • 2lb of beet
  • 1 celeriac (small)
  • 1 cabbage
  • 200g of spinach
  • 2lb of rutabaga
  • 3lb of potato
  • 2 lb of apple
  • 3lb of beet
  • 1 celeriac (large or 2 small)
  • 1 cabbage
  • 300g of spinach
  • 2lb of rutabaga
  • 5lb of potato
  • 3 lb of apple

Please note that this season we will offer a exchange basket every delivery in order to allow more flexibility for the consumer. Each consumer will be allowed one exchange. Thanks for your collaboration!


Profitez du déplacement à votre point de livraison pour vous approvisionner avec d’autres produits non-maraichers de haute qualité, biologiques et locaux. Au moment de l’abonnement à votre panier, vous pourrez ajouter du pain artisanal de la boulangerie Des Rosiers et vous procurer un forfait contenant huile de tournesol, farine de blé et flocons d’avoine du Moulin des Cèdres. Ici-bas, vous retrouverez toute l’information sur ces produits.

Viandes biologiques

De façon complémentaire à vos paniers vous pouvez vous procurer de la viande biologique. Cette option est disponible autant pour les abonnés aux paniers que pour les non-abonnés. Vous trouverez toute l’info ici: Catalogue de produits biologiques complémentaires. 

Producteur “Moulin des Cèdres”:

Farine de blé blanche tout usage biologique (2kg) :

FarineIssue de la récolte de blé des Fermes Longprés, cette farine de blé blanche est non blanchie et tamisée. La machine à cylindre du Moulin permet l’extraction d’une farine qui conserve toute l’intégrité des éléments nutritifs pour la plus grande joie des boulangers et pâtissiers amateurs ou professionnels.

Flocons d’avoine biologiques (1,5kg) :

avoine Issus de la récolte d’avoine nue (sans écorce) des Fermes Longprés, le procédé de fabrication de ces flocons est très simple : criblage, roulage et ensachage.  Avec une haute teneur en protéine et un goût authentique, ces flocons sont appréciés tant en gruau que dans les recettes.

Huile de tournesol biologique (375 ml) :

HuileIssue de la récolte de tournesol des Fermes Longprés, cette huile de tournesol extra vierge pressée à froid est produite depuis plus de vingt ans. Le processus de presse lent et sans chaleur, ainsi que la filtration par décantation assurent la conservation du bon goût du tournesol.

Prix de vente du forfait Farine + Flocons + Huile : 21$

Pain biologique d’épeautre (600g)
photos pain épeautre_redPain au levain 2016-01-182Pain biologique et de proximité. Ingrédients : Farine biologique (blé non blanchi, épeautre intégral, seigle intégral), eau filtrée et structurée par vortex, levain biologique, sel gris de Guérande. Peut contenir des graines de sésame.Prix de vente : 7,50$

Pain biologique multigrain (600g)photo pain multigrain_red2Pain multigrain 2016-01-184

Pain biologique et de proximité. Ingrédients : Farine biologique (blé intégral, blé non blanchi), eau filtrée et structurée par vortex, levain biologique, grains entiers concassés biologiques (millet, lin, orge, seigle, maïs, blé), sirop d`agave biologique, sel gris de Guérande. Peut contenir des graines de sésame. Prix de vente : 7,50$

Pain biologique sans-gluten, sarrasin et carotte (650g)Pain sans gluten_red2

Pain biologique et de proximité. Ingrédients : Farine de sarrasin biologique, eau filtrée et structurée par vortex, levain de sarrasin, carottes râpées, sel gris de Guérande. Peut contenir des graines de sésame. Prix de vente : 9,00$

Nouveauté cette saison !

Les paniers bio seront disponibles dans plusieurs nouveaux secteurs dont la Rive-Sud, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve et Outremont !

Le récent partenariat entre Renaissance et Équiterre porte ses fruits car ce sont 5 centres de don Renaissance qui hébergeront un point de livraison des paniers d’hiver des Bio Locaux pendant la saison 2016-2017.

Semaine A et Semaine B

Nous avons réparti nos 30 points de livraison en Semaine A et Semaine B de façon à livrer la moitié de nos paniers à chaque semaine soit environ 1000 paniers par semaine. Il est donc important d’identifier à quelle semaine appartient le point de livraison que vous avez choisi (désignée par la lettre à côté du nom du point de livraison).

Nous avons dû abandonner certains de nos anciens points de livraison de l’an dernier pour différentes raisons. Nous sommes bien désolés de tout inconvénient que cela puisse vous causer !

Pour connaître les jours et le calendrier de livraison pour chacun de nos points de livraison ci-dessous, cliquez sur le Calendrier semaine A&B.

Cliquer pour visualiser les points de livraison sur la carte.

Par quartier, à Montréal

Ahunstic (B) : Cégep Ahunstic

Centre-sud (B) : Carrefour alimentaire centre-sud

Centre-ville (A) :  Université Concordia, Santé Eco Loco, Maison du Développement durable (MDD)

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (B) : CCSE Maisonneuve, Le Dîner Traiteur, Salon Enchanthé

Ile-des-sœurs (A) : La Station

Lasalle (A) : Cégep André-Laurendeau (exclusif au milieu de travail), Renaissance/Lasalle

Lachine (A) : Collège Saint-Anne (exclusif aux membres du personnel et étudiants)

Mile-end (B) : Centrale culinaire, Delyla (Édifice 5333 rue Casgrain)

Notre-Dame de Grâces (A) : Coop la Maison Verte

Outremont (B) : Renaissance/rue Bernard

Parc-Extension (B) : La Place commune

Petite-Patrie (B) : Centre NA Rive

Plateau Mont-Royal (B) : Santropol roulant, Centre du Plateau

Sud-ouest (A) : Coalition Petite-Bourgogne, Écoquartier sud-ouest, Centre récréatif communautaire St-Zotique, Partageons l’espoir, Union united church

Verdun (A) : Maison de l’environnement de Verdun, Centre culturel de Verdun

Villeray (B) : Renaissance /rue St-Laurent, Pascal le Boucher, CPE Chez nous chez vous sur De Castelnau (exclusif aux parents d’enfant qui fréquente le CPE).

Sur la Rive-sud

Longueuil (A) : Maison de l’UPA, Renaissance/boul. Chambly

Saint-Hubert (A) : Renaissance/boul. Cousineau

S’il n’y a pas de points de livraison accessibles pour vous, ou si vous avez identifié un emplacement qui permettrait de développer un bon point de livraison pour la prochaine saison des paniers d’hiver (espace intérieur, facile d’accès), contactez-nous: !

Pour en savoir plus sur les vaillants producteurs hivernaux des Bio Locaux, il suffit de cliquer sur le nom de la ferme pour visualiser leur fiche de producteur.

Membres des Bio Locaux d’hiver:

Ferme Croque-Saisons (Lingwick, Estrie)

Les Jardins Naturlutte (Ulverton, Estrie)

Ferme La Bourrasque (St-Nazaire d’Acton, Montérégie)

Terre Fruitière (Dunham, Canton-de-l’est)

Ferme Chapeau Melon (L’Ange-Gardien, Outaouais)

Ferme Cadet Roussel (Mont-Saint-Grégoire, Montérégie)

Coop les Jardins de la résistance (Ormstown, Montérégie)

Ferme aux pleines saveurs (St-André-Avellin, Outaouais)

La Clé des champs de St-Camille SENC (Saint-Camille, Estrie)

Les potagers des nues mains (Sutton, Montérégie)

Vallée des prairies (St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-sud, Chaudière-Appalaches)

Ferme Bibeau Inc (Sherbrooke, Estrie)

Ferme Samson et fils SENC (Farnham, Montérégie)

Les Entreprises Agri-Choux (Brownsburg-Chatam, Laurentides)

Verger Bio d’Oka (Oka, Laurentides)

Ferme Hantée (Lotbinière, Chaudière-Appalaches)

Jardin Bio Campanipol (Ste-Geneviève de Bastican, Mauricie)

Ferme du Haut-Vallon (Frelishburg, Canton-de-l’est)

Boulangerie des Rosiers (Les Cèdres, Montérégie)

Moulin des Cèdres (Les Cèdres, Montérégie)

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