Agreement 2016-2017

Agreement between the subscriber and the Bio LocauxLogo hiver - régulier

2016-2017 winter season

The subscription to a winter organic basket program by the Bio Locaux is an engagement between the member (you) and the family farmer (Bio Locaux), for the duration of the season from the subscription until the last basket delivery.

Responsibilities and engagement of the member

The member understands that the baskets are pre-paid. Upon registration, the member commits to his full payment following the terms chosen (one full payment or 3 installed payments), which includes a non-refundable deposit of 25$. Money exchanges are not allowed at the pick up location. The payment can be made by writing postdated checks to the CAPÉ and send them at 1292, 2ième avenue, Qc, G1L 3C7 or by bank transfer (the procedure is explained during the subscription process). The CAPÉ will charge a fee of 15$ for a non-sufficient funds check.

The member understands that the content of the baskets is entirely made of local and organic vegetables and fruits and hence the diversity is limited by our climate and the conservation methods during the winter season.

The subscriber commits into picking up his basket at the given point of delivery during scheduled hours or to send someone in replacement. When the subscriber knows in advance that he will not be able to recover a basket at a given week, he has the opportunity to transfer this particular basket to another week of his choice when not restricted (creating a 2-baskets delivery) using the “subscriber calendar” section via the managing website.  The member is in charge of picking up all of his or her baskets during the scheduled day and hours. All non-redeemed baskets are lost and non-refundable. The content of non-redeemed basket will be donated to the organization hosting the pick-up location.

The member is responsible for keeping the pick up location space clean and in order. You will be asked to clean and stack you box once emptied. Thanks for your collaboration!

Responsibilities and engagement of the Bio Locaux

The Bio Locaux commits to deliver a basket to the member every two weeks with a break of 2 weeks during Holidays and to notify the member of any schedule change that may occur as soon as possible by email. The program takes place in the winter season and the weather may affect the delivery routes and cause exceptional delays. If this occurs, a notification will be sent if possible.

The farmers commit to making all the necessary efforts to assure a high quality product in appropriate quantities. In the event of management-related losses, the farmers commit into taking the necessary steps to assure that the delivery is not compromised. The Bio Locaux is a collective of 20 organic and local farmers all members of the CAPÉ (Coopérative pour l’agriculture de proximité écologique). Together, they produce a diversity of over 30 winter crops that will garnish your baskets throughout the season.

Bio Locaux is a family farmer member of Equiterre’s family farmers network and every member (including you) must pay a yearly fee of 18.00$ to sustain the activities and services of the network. If you were a member of a family farmer during summer 2016, this fee will not be charged. The member understands that Equiterre is not responsible for any agreements between the member and the Bio Locaux farmers.

The Bio Locaux farmers offer fresh organic fruits and vegetables in a collaborative and caring environment. We wish to continue with this positive and collaborative spirit that keeps making your visit at the pick-up location a pleasant experience.

Merry tasty winter season to all you «biolocavores»!

Your family farmers